Designing logos is painful, frustrating and occasionally quite rewarding. Here are several I don’t mind showing. Aside from the constantly recurring circle, half-circle and oval themes, I think they show a bit of diversity. And many tend toward a retro look. I guess that’s a kind of specialty.

Mixed in are a few lost souls: logos I loved, but the clients—not so much. Sometimes it was differing taste, sometimes the relationship went south, other times the project just never saw the light of day. I’ve included a couple duplicates where, though I was fine with the version picked by the client, my favorite didn’t make the cut.

Whole Foods Co-op logo
Insight Environment logo, actual
Exodus logo
St. James Pasties logo
Alanwater Bridge Lodge logo
Lightspeed logo
Amazing Grace Music Festival logo
Minnesota Runner logo
Transition Services logo
Insight Environmental logo, unused
SOS logo
Jorja K logo
Original Duluth Trading Logo
Grass Roots Farm logo
Mexican Insurance logo
Dutch Consulting logo
Duluth Pack Logo
RC&P Logo
Adaptors Radio Show logo
SWA logo
Witchtree Training Center logo
JS Print Group logo
Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps logo
Gemini 50th Anniversary logo
First Strike logo
Frost River logo
Himmel Tanzen Stables Sign
ARAC logo
Ronin Asian Bistro logo
Dovetail Café & Marketplace Logo