Product Illustration

Most of my illustration has been for mail-order catalogs, and the majority of that has been for Duluth Trading Co. This company began in our hometown over 20 years ago and is currently going strong in Belleville, Wisconsin (you can visit them at where they continue to make great products for working lads and lassies.

Many of these illustrations are painted in gouache (an opaque watercolor) once heavily favored in the advertising industry. Colored pencil comes into play as well, as does old fashioned pen and ink. These days everything is lightly or heavily caressed in Photoshop, and most everything began life as a heavily retouched or composited photograph. Some, lots, were only ever digital artifacts; usually a photo which was “painted over” in Photoshop until no trace of the original remained.

I started out as a pen and ink illustrator for the Aerostich Riderwear catalog back in 1984, and the habits of that style carry through nearly all my work. For example, almost everything is “outlined” in some way or other.